Why Stregobor From The Witcher Looks So Familiar

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Henry Cavill's work on Netflix's The Witcher is fantastic, but the series' supporting cast members are memorable too. Chief among them: Lars Mikkelsen, who plays the conflicted illusionist Stregobor. Here's why this guy looks so familiar.

Though he's currently earning rave reviews for portraying a conniving dark wizard with a piercing intellect, The Witcher is hardly Lars Mikkelsen's first go at breaking bad on the small screen. As it happens, the actor has had a pretty great run playing scheming intellectual sorts in movies and TV shows over the years.

As such, we'd wager that many of you who are certain you've seen Stregobor's face before just might be familiar with the genius-level blackmailing baddie Charles Augustus Magnussen one of the most devious villains to ever face off against Holmes and Watson in the BBC's pitch-perfect Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adaptation Sherlock.

Mikkelsen appeared in the episode "His Last Vow," which found Holmes and Watson on the hunt for a collection of deeply personal letters which were being used as blackmail against Lady Elizabeth Smallwood. Their search set Holmes and Watson on a collision course with Mikkelsen's duplicitous media mogul a course that ends with Magnussen ultimately outwitting Holmes, thus leaving the legendary sleuth no course of action but to shoot Magnussen in the head in hopes of saving the lives and futures of all those who matter to him.

House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon was quick to seize on Mikkelsen's knack for playing brainy, brutal bad guys when the series was casting a key supporting role in Netflix's breakout drama series. Keep watching the video to see why Stregobor from The Witcher looks so familiar!

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