We made swords for THE WITCHER by NETFLIX

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Witcher by Netflix, starring Henry Cavill was a stand out series for 2019/20. Nick Jeffries as HOD of the Armoury Department / Weapons Designer and myself, as maker of many of the hero props, are two guys heavily involved in the show, and in this film, we have a ‘show and tell’ about Geralt’s weapons.

As we both have an intimate knowledge of the thinking, design and manufacture of the weapons, we know more about these pieces than anyone, and here we share our thoughts over a table full of original props.

With many thanks to Netflix for allowing us to make and share this video.

Henry Cavill explains about the Witcher swords in this official Netflix video here

Henry Cavill breaks down the Blaviken fight scene and discusses visual effects in this official Netflix video here

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