Watch the real hypocrisy of the PM , MP’s against Dance Hall music . This is why I burn them out

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Watch the real hypocrisy of the PM , MP’s against Dance Hall music . This is why I burn them out.
Prime Minister ,MP's and Councillor blasting and blaming Dance Hall music, for the crime committed in Jamaica .
the real fact finding , found Corruption , nepotism , cronyism , poverty , no social intervention programs running in the real way.
lock of opportunity, devaluation of the Dollar, no job creation / wealth creation for the masses of poor people ,
state /police brutality , classism , Government lock of vision to move the country forward from poverty to prosperity .
broken health system, old run down infrastructure , roads in communities in disrepair for decades .
no water , people can't afford basic food needs to eat healthy
minimum wage $Ja7,200. ($US 47 )per week, only apply to the few who get work.
But the Prime minister who I saw in this video supporting member of parliament in Henry Morgan House
who playing sound clash, clashing each other with the same gun songs
they turn around and want to blame , for the Gun violence in the country .
biggest hypocrisy in history.
Same Pm who we saw here aiding and abetting Baby grange sound clash, with those gun song
turn around condemning the music.

Reggae Dubscene , Home of Run Things Records founded by Wayne Lonesome Brown- Recording Artist/Producer/human rights fight for the rights of the masses of poor people ,

his Run Things Records label work with the biggest set of authentic Reggae/dance hall super stars and veteran artist.

Wayne Lonesome is one of Jamaican advocate, who expose and burn out Jamaican police brutality ,corrupted police and politicians .
exposing their criminality .

wayne Lonesome short bio

Wayne "Lonesome" Brown started in the early 80's his career. He used to DJ on Sound System in his community of Rockford, east Kingston where he was born and grew up. In 1986 he recorded his first single followed by a host of other singles and albums on various record labels. In 1992 he formed his own record label "Run Things Records" followed by two other labels "Earth Don" & "Excel" where he produced his own music plus several recording Artists. He also promoted stage shows and dances, in Jamaica and Barbados, St. Lucia, UK and USA.
Wayne Lonesome is a Hardcore Dancehall DJ & Lyricist
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