???? Unexpectedly Powerful ???? GLMM [] Gacha Life Mini Movie []

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Rei is a single mom trying her hardest to take care of her child Lilianna. Despite Rei doing her best to care for her, Lilianna is very ungrateful and hates her mom. But one day something very unexpected happens. Lilianna is kidnapped by a secret underground drug organization as a test subject for new drugs. Rei and the police try their hardest to find Lilianna, but they have no luck. Everyone believes that Lilianna is gone for good, until one day Rei has a strange dream, and wakes up with mind blowing abilities.
Will Rei’s new powers be enough to save Lilianna? Or will she perish at the hands of the outlaws?
Hope you enjoy! Part two coming soon!

Apps Used:
Gacha Life
IbisPaint x

Thank you to the amazing, and very talented Eve for making the beautiful art in the thumbnail, Please follow her Instagram to see more spectacular art!
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