There's literally a Battle Royale Game specifically made about PLANES!

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Dogfighter - WW2- is a Battle Royale Game made that is exclusive on PS4 for FREE about Planes and jets! Sadly the game is doo doo. ????

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Hey everyone today was pretty chill. We played a battle royale game that was about planes from the old days. Its actually free for PS members on the PS4. Its not the greatest game, the game developers got some stuff they need to work on. Lots of bugs, glitches, problems. Not the best battle royale if thats what your looking for.

From Grumpy, I-BONG and IGGYMOB, comes DOGFIGHTER – WW2, an aerial Battle Royale where players will need to use their sharpest wits and skills as pilots to survive the hostile airspace. DOGFIGHTER is a free-to-play WWII aerial combat game, where the player will be placed into a hostile aerial battle for survival
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