The Witcher season 2 cast Old and New members in 2021

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The Witcher season 2 has finally finished filming – and that means we're hoping to see a release date in late 2021, after a long wait.

0:00 starting
0:15 main cast
2:17 new members

Anna Shaffe / Triss
Henry Cavill / Geralt of Rivia
reya Allan/ Ciri
Yasen Atour / Coen
Basil Eidenbenz / Eskel
Mimi Ndiweni / Fringilla
Anya Chalotra / Yennefer
Mecia Simson / Francesca
Paul Bullion / Lambert
Joey Batey / Jaskier

In Your Orbit - tubebackr
Deep Sea – Vendredi
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