The Witcher 2 - A Grand Experiment

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The second of three videos on The Witcher Series. This is mostly an in-depth commentary on the second game but brings up points about all three of them, plus some comments on the books and TV series. There are spoilers.

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Introduction - 00:00

The Prologue: The World According to Geralt - 17:52

Chapter One: Of Witchers and Men - 52:24

Chapter One Pt2: Xen and the Art of Silver Sword Maintenance - 1:36:40

Chapter One Pt3: The Flotsam House Rules - 2:08:16

Chapter Two: Vernon Roche and the Chamber of Secrets - 2:39:41

Chapter Two Pt2: The Elf with the Dragon Tattoo - 3:13:28

Chapter Three - Death of a Witcher - 3:54:30

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