THE SUPER POPS UNDER THE MISTLETOE (MUSIC VIDEO) Winter Wonderland SONG. Totally TV Videos for Teens

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THE SUPER POPS UNDER THE MISTLETOE– (MUSIC VIDEO). Winter Wonderland Christmas Carol SONG. Totally TV Videos for Teens

Official Music Video Under the Mistletoe Song from the Super Pops. High School Pop Stars with Superpowers.


All Original Super Pops Totally TV Series with Jenn Barlow as Majesty and Jess the Librarian, Laura Hall as Chloe and CosmicPop, Scarlet Sheppard as Emma and ElectraPop. Zaria Suggs as Peyton and PowerPop, Olivia Cordell as Finley and FlashPop, and Stephanie Hoston as Camilla and CrystalPop, Aaron Groben as Spike and the Masked Spectre, Chris Bey as Prince James, Adam Rodney as Dr. Ruin, Adam Ilami as Prospero, Miles Allen as Disrupter, Marissa Zumbo as Miss Muffet with Christine Tucker as Miss Fortune.

Super Pops Original Song – “Under the Mistletoe” downloadable on Apple iTunes and Google Play Music by Adam Ilami.

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