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The Witcher that went mad, Kiyan of the school of the cat. In today's witcher 3 wild hunt lore video, I will be discussing a witcher that was driven mad by an insane mage, this witcher is Kiyan from the school of the cat. I will discuss all of his known adventures and then what event actually occured to drive this witcher mad. This story can be experienced in game through the Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear quest.
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A quick disclaimer - A lot of these videos use information from the witcher wiki, in some cases I do read directly from the pages, I do always make sure to include my own thoughts and other information I know myself, but I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page here. Even though I use information from the wiki, I do still create the videos, with time, effort and a lot of editing! The idea behind the lore videos is to present the information to you guys in a fun and more interesting way then you guys having to get the information from pages and read it yourself. If anyone isn't okay with this I apologise, but since day one I have always said where I get the information from. Thank you for reading.
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