The Entire Witcher Story Explained

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The Witcher offers some clues as to its chronology for fans who are paying close attention. With work, you can piece more or less the entire timeline together. There are still some questions and ambiguities, but the overall picture works just fine. Here's what you need to know.

Viewers don't see the earliest scenes in The Witcher until the season's final episode. Through Geralt's flashbacks, we meet his biological mother, Visenna, and watch as she abandons Geralt at Kaer Morhen, where he meets his mentor Vesemir and begins his witcher training. In an interview, The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed that Geralt is already 100 years old by the time viewers meet him in the first episode. That means that young Geralt's scenes must've happened at the very beginning of The Witcher timeline.

Of The Witcher's three main timelines, Yennefer's origin story comes first. Yennefer looks fairly young when Tissaia buys her from her father in episode two, and all of Yennefer's early days happen before the rest of the main plot. We don't know how long Yennefer spends at school, but it doesn't seem like much. Hunchback Yennefer, who should age like a normal human, doesn't show many physical changes during her studies.

However, according to Hissrich, Yennefer's story in season one spans about 70 years. After ascending, Yennefer spends 30 years in the court at Aedirn, and another 10 or so kicking around as an independent sorceress before the Battle of Sodden. That leaves 30 years unaccounted for. Either Hissrich had her numbers wrong, or Yennefer trains at Aretuza for a lot longer than it seems.

Geralt's first three adventures take place next. It's not clear exactly how long it takes Geralt to become known as the Butcher of Blaviken or how long it took Jaskier to make Geralt famous. Given that Geralt's entire story in season one is about 20 years long, and that 12 years pass between Geralt's two visits to Cintra, an eight-year period between episode one and episode four makes sense. Keep watching the video to see the entire Witcher story explained!

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Geralt's childhood | 0:14
Yennefer goes to school | 0:43
Renfri, the stygian, and the striga | 1:27
Geralt visits Cintra, Yennefer goes independent | 2:11
Yennefer and Geralt meet | 2:47
Cintra falls | 3:20
Ciri's adventures | 3:49
The battle of Sodden | 4:31
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