Q&A #2 My Learning Sources? OSCP, Location tracking [Hindi]

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#QNA -2: I answered many questions in this QNA video so watch the full video. You will learn many things like CEH vs OSCP, Bug Hunting, My new website, courses &
Thanks for your all questions
Overview: 0:00
Promotion: 0:27
My Job, Qualification: 1:05
Which programming language I know: 2:05
Which programming learn first: 2:21
My Learning Sources: 2:56
My Journey: 3:33
Budget Laptop for editing & pentesting: 4:02
Kali Linux vs Parrot Sec OS: 5:59
CEH vs OSCP: 7:05
GIAC: 7:57
Bufferover flow: 8:23
Face reveal, Youtube live: 8:53
How to become professional h@cker: 9:41
How to make apps for IOT devices: 10:29
Bug hunting: 10:48
How to run both WSL2 & virtual machine together: 11:17
Lots of arts background students wanted become full stack developer: 11:36
Port forwarding, webserver & install linux on phone:12:25
Hijack fm radio station: 13:29
Social media account:13:45
Data leak: 14:42
Location tracking techniques used by police:15:07
wifi handshake: 15:44
How h@cker community in India: 18:00
Raspberry pi good or bad: 16:26
h@cking tools: 16:49
AWS Kali Linux permission error in SSH connection: 17:16
Script kiddies: 17:37
Kali Linux virtualbox in Macbook Air 2020: 18:05
Bypass AV: 18:23
My Course and my new website: 18:43
End note: 19:14
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