Playstation 5 Machine Learning CONFIRMED By Insomniac - Analysis of PS5 ML Technology

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Sony's Playstation 5 uses Machine Learning in Spiderman thanks to ZivaRT confirms Insomniac in an update. This update is exclusive to the PS5 version, and uses ML Inference for realistic deformation of models to improve visual quality. Insomniac also confirms that running this Machine Learning doesn't affect the performance of Spiderman, such as lower resolution or other changes in visual quality.

Unfortunately, the developer doesn't outline how this code is ran on the consoles GPU, so we are still unsure if the PS5 GPU is running with lower precision ops (such as 4 bit) or if its instead 16-bit operations. RDNA 2 class GPUs for desktop do have 4/8 bit operations for inference (confirmed in an official AMD white paper) and Microsoft has detailed the Xbox Series consoles do support this tech.

While the PS5 CU are based on RDNA 2, there are certain features (such as Mesh Shaders) Sony have dropped for the Playstation 5, and replaced with their own tech, but it does seem like the undelying architecture is based on RDNA 2 (given AMD and Sony has confirmed this, along with developers. Plus the PS5 clock frequency also is far higher than what is achieved in the first gen).

Microsoft will almost certainly be pushing their own DirectML tech heavily (which is a machine learning frame work) for the Xbox Series X, however this is specific to the Xbox and PC. Developers would be free on PC to use other tech (such as say, Nvidia's DLSS for upsampling) and Sony would use their own libraries too.

DIRECTML, FidelityFX and DLSS -

Mesh Shader Analysis (With NVIDIA)


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