Pixel 5 Review: The Google Phone Grows Up

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At four years old, Google’s Pixel smartphone family has been around long enough that even non-geeks probably know the basics: the Pixel is made by Google; it’s got a world-class camera; and physically speaking, the phone’s color is usually the most interesting thing about it.

The Google Pixel 5, launching this month, doesn’t change any of these things – but it does correct for the compromise that’s always gone hand-in-hand with the brand. Whether it’s price, or battery life, or giant bathtub-sized notches … there’s always been something about the Pixel that’s given me pause when friends ask if they should buy one. With the Pixel 5, those compromises have (mostly) been eliminated. That doesn’t mean Google can afford to rest on its laurels, but it does mean that the Pixel 5 will rank high on my list of recommendations this holiday season.

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