Now United - Friday Feel Good Freestyle with Sina Deinert! - Rexona Dance Studio

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Hey guys it’s Sina and I’m happy to share a few songs with you guys that make me feel good and lift me up all the time. Music and dancing means so much to me and I also want you guys to know that dancing is not about how good you think you are, if you have experience or it’s about having fun and enjoying the music!!! Don’t take it too serious just let yourself feel and express the music ???????? love you and hope you enjoy this live - SINA ????????

#MoveMoreatHome in your #RexonaDanceStudio with me! 

Love Me Less - MAX
Love Myself - Olivia O'Brien
Stuck With You - Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber
By My Side - Now United

By My Side Choreography by Kyle Hanagami 
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