Mennonite Community and Police Standoff over Massive Church Gathering

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A church service of approximately two hundred congregants ended in several arrests on Sunday afternoon during a testy situation with armed police officers who had been called to Blue Creek to follow up on a report regarding a large gathering. Statutory Instrument 136 issued on October sixth, limits church services to no more than ten persons, excluding the host and two auxiliary personnel. According to Pastor Walter Kornelson, they were administering a service at his church and the congregation was at seating capacity when armed officers showed up. The police say those in the gathering were not wearing face masks and had exceeded the limit allowed under law. When they attempted to arrest the congregants, a stand-off ensued, which resulted in the blocking of the main entrance to the community when the police attempted to leave the community. Seven church leaders being arrested and transported to Orange Walk. But they did not make it to town as somewhere along the journey the officers were called off and instructed to release the pastors and the mayor. Here is their account of what happened.
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