Medemer Book መደመር - Chapter 1 - by PM Abiy Ahmed (PHD) | ክፍል አንድ - የሰው ልጅ ተፈጥሮ ተደማሪ ፍላጎቶችና ዐቅም

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Zehabesha Special - Dr Abiy Ahmed's Book - Zehabesha News
Zehabesha is an Ethiopian American media company based in Minnesota, with presence in the print and broadcast media. Zehabesha strives to provide unbiased information to the ever-growing Ethiopian American community and works toward bridging cultures.
ZeHabesha is a diversified news and information newspaper that represents America’s local and national Ethiopian community. Zehabesha is a free bilingual newspaper with production based in the Minnesota. Zehabesha, published bi-monthly by the ZeHabesha LLC, has been in publication for 10 years. As of early 2008, Zehabesha has non paid subscribers, with a total circulation of 10,000 copies in Major Twin cites areas, including South Dakota, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and
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