MAXIMUM GOLD... *UPDATED* REVIEW, BUY OR DON'T BUY!?! | Yu-Gi-Oh! Investment Discussions

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In this updated discussion, we are going to do a deep dive into Maximum Gold, score this set, and determine if it is worth investing large dollars in order to profit! Join the discussion and see why I believe this set has both opportunity and

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RDT RISK MODEL (below are definitions of our criteria):

Generic Tech Cards: these are very meta relevant cards that can be used in any deck, potentially three-of's, which indicates cards with the highest potential demand

New Archetypes: these are brand new archetypes coming into the TCG -- I go over cards in those archetypes that may have a higher chance of having higher value.

Legacy Support: these are new cards in support to a current/ older archetype -- some cards are better then others depending on the meta relevance or collector value of the archetype

Meta Impact -- these are cards/ archetypes that can actually shift the current meta format because of how impactful they are to the game

Collector's Value -- these are cards that have big potential to have strong collector value

Reprint Ratio/ Selection -- this indicates whether a set has a lot of reprints, not many, or none at all - if it does have reprints, this metric considers whether the reprints add value to the set. Low ratios has higher metric value because reprints typically dilute value

Product Value vs. Cost -- consider how much it cost per card and how difficult it may be to make our money back

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