Making The [Witcher] Sword - From Season 1

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The tale of making the Witcher Steel Sword from the Netflix show out of meteorite. From the forging of the blade to the creation of Renfri's broach, we show it all. A sword Geralt of Rivia would be proud to use. The tale is told by our very own bard, Chris Cash of Mt Phillip Metal Works.

Working with meteorite is complex in it’s self. Making a sword of this quality adds several challenges. Not only working the material but heat treating the blade and grinding the complex plunges and creating the proper garnishments using classical silversmithing techniques. Gem setting, chasing and repousse are all used to bring this magical sword to life.

Bladesmithing at it's finest ! If you ever wanted to lean how to make a sword for a Witcher or how to make a pattern welded sword with meteorite than this is the video for you.

Toss a coin to you Witcher so he can toss a coin to his blacksmith and get himself a real sword! Not a silly ZWEIHANDER , but a real swift hand half made from meteorite. Perhaps we will do the original sword from Blood Origin next or maybe season 2 on Netflix will reveal another piece that we will have to make. Either way, I am sure that we will return to The Witcher and make something else soon !

To those who have asked, we made the design from the Netflix show, but made it to scale how they are described in the Witcher Novels.

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Co-producer Ilya Alekseyev
Story by - Chris Cash
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