LIVE: The Pedal Movie Exclusive (w/ Directors Michael Lux & Dan Orkin)

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Directors Michael Lux and Dan Orkin join us for an exclusive look into Reverb's "The Pedal Movie." Be sure to stick around til the end! You won't be disappointed.

Update: SOLD OUT
Limited release Morning Glory 2009 Throwback Edition!

Guitar Gear:
Shure SM57
Jaykco Guitar Straps
Ernie Ball Cables

Guitar Pedals:
JHS Morning Glory

JHS Morning Glory Throwback 2009
JHS Pulp N Peel

JHS Unicorn

Boss FS5U

Boss DD3T

Ernie Ball VP Jr Tuner Pedal
Strymon Bluesky

Mono Pedalboard Carbon Large

Ernie Ball Flat Patch Ribbon Cables
Ernie Ball Volt Power Supply
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2
Daddario DIY DC Power Cable Kit

Nash P Bass
JHS Klon
UAD Ampeg B15
UAD La2a

Livestream Gear:
Sony A73
Sony ZV-1
Rolls Mic Mutes
Shure SM7b
Orbit Mic Stands
Universal Audio Apollo 8

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