Lisa News | 57 Drones, Vivo S7 CF, New China Trend, MAC Update

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57 Drone Show Full Video

The Vivo S7 has updated with a brilliant new commercial with absolutely striking Lalisa visuals. It's always a wonderful sight for sore eyes seeing another Lisa Vivo commercial. Let's have a peep.

So many Lisa trends going on in China. Keeping track might require a Rolodex. The trend is recent days have been dance covers of Lisa's Intentions routine. Let's have a look and appreciate a few devoted fans.

Fans in China are not the only ones doing Lisa dance covers. Her childhood dance crew We Zaa Cool gifted fans recently with their performance of Lisa's Lilifilm the Movie.

More Lisa news. Executive group president of The Estée Lauder Companies, one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality skincare, has updated with a very relatable comic about Lisa. Here's what John Dempsey posted about Lisa's dance.

The Estée Lauder Company, the parent company of Mac Cosmetics is well aware of Lisa's legendary dance. In fact, Lilifilm is the most subscribed female kpop YouTube channel this past week, with 320k subscribers gained. This leverages Lisa to be in a position to become the first female kpop artist ever to reach the 6 million subscribers milestone. The recent Lilifilm The movie has acquired a staggering 26 million viewers and is on its way to 30 million.

Our final Lisa News of today comes from the recent episode of Youth With You 3 which bears some controversy. Fans are 100% behind Lisa and regard this as a no Brainer. Here's what transpired.

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