Learning a New Web Development Stack | Developer Vlog (Full-Stack JavaScript)

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I'm learning a new web development stack (new to me). And I'm really not all too familiar with JavaScript, so it's kind of a new programming language for me too. Have fun watching me struggle and learn throughout this video and entire series. We've decided to code this project with the MERN stack.

I've teamed up with Linode on this project and will be setting up the hosting in a future video in this series. If you have an app or website, I'd recommend hosting it with Linode. And I'd appreciate you using my link for the $100 Linode credit. I'll talk more about Linode in a future video as well. They really are great! Thanks!

An Overview of the Coding Project: ​ This video is the origin story of Project Engagement. Definitely watch it.
Tina's video about learning JavaScript for the YouTube API:

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