I Survived 100 Days in Naruto Anime Mod... As an UCHIHA! Here's What Happened! - Modded Minecraft

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Hey guys! I played Naruto in minecraft for 100 days and this is what happened! This video is all about me surviving in the Naruto Anime Mod! This mod adds a ton if Jutsus, Ninja tools, Kekkei Genkai, tailed beasts, the legendary Sharingan, and much much more! Since you guys enjoyed 100 days in dragon ball z in minecraft aka Dragon Block C (DBC), I figured you guys would LOVE this! It was between this mod and Naruto C, and I think this mod takes the cake!

Like I said in the video, if this video gets to 5k likes (which would be absolutely insane) I will go get a Naruto headband and wear it in the 200 days of this!

Special thanks to Mathioks on creating this amazing mod, go show him some love!

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