How to Install Kali Linux on Laptop & Desktop (with Windows 10) - Safe Dual Boot

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In this video you will learn how to install Kali Linux on laptop and desktop, without losing Windows 10, without losing data and without using VirtualBox. In this tutorial I will show you the safe way to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux.

This is a step by step guide on installing Kali Linux in a separate new hard drive or SSD, so you don’t have to compromise your internal hard drive space. Because there is a risk of losing your personal files.

First you have to create a bootable USB drive for kali Linux, by downloading the ISO file from the official Kali Linux website. You can learn it on my previous video:

Watch Part 1: (Kali Linux Bootable)

If you remember in my laptop there are 2 hard drives, 1 for windows 10 and 2nd for store data. You can install one more hard drive in your laptop using a 2nd hard drive caddy, by replacing the Internal DVD Rom.

Install 2 Hard Drive in 1 Laptop: (Caddy Video)

So with the 2nd HDD caddy method I will install another SSD to install the Kali Linux operating system on it. For this OS I am using a Kingston 120GB SSD. It’s a fast drive with a write speed of 320 MB/S and read speed of 500 MB/S, so it will boot the OS faster than any ordinary hard drive.

⚡ Kingston 120 GB SSD: ✔️
⚡ 2nd HDD Caddy Link: ✔️
⚡ Transcend ext. Case: ✔️

I hope this is the safest and easiest way to install 2 operating systems in one computer or laptop, hope you enjoyed the tutorial if you really enjoyed making sure to share this video and like the video, and consider subscribing too.

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Thanks a lot for watching this dual boot video, not only kali Linux you can also dual boot ubuntu and other operating systems, using this method even you can triple boot OS on desktop.

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