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This is the #1 drill I prescribe to students on a daily basis and the best drill to improve your ball striking. The HIT HARD, STOP QUICK drill helps to coordinate and synchronise the body, arm, wrist and club motion in a simple way that no other single drill can accomplish.

This drill improves ball striking, compression, lag, power transfer, radius management, sequencing, shaft lean and the loading and unloading of the arms and wrists. It really is a "one-stop" drill that creates many improvements and benefits from free.

The key to this drill is building up from small (but quick) swings where you're able to STOP QUICKLY and keep your ARMS STRAIGHT. Too many people who try this drill swing too far to begin with and are unable to STOP fast enough and control the finish. Once you grasp the correct finish, you can begin to swing further back and continue to HIT HARD and STOP QUICKLY.

There are multiple PGA Tour players utilising this drill/feel in their practice and in their play. Tommy Fleetwood is one player who demonstrates the ARMS STRAIGHT and SHORT FINISH associated with this drill expertly. The sharp braking in the follow-through is a fantastic way to regulate and sequence the body and club motion. This 3/4 feeling swing, should not be mistaken for a less powerful swing - in fact, it can help to transfer more energy into the ball resulting in LONGER shots than your standard "full" swing.

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