He’s Mine!| Gacha Life Gay Mini Movie

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This is trash. THIS IS TRASH. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I know it’s bad. Don’t bully me ;-;. Anyways, I took so long to do this because I was lazy and didn’t want tot do it ;-;. kVkahGkIshbsKisKis
Teehee. Just enjoy the trash I have made, okay? JsgJsiGakInslJna

Nathaniel, gay, 16
Avan, bisexual, 16
Adam, bisexual, 17
Nika, straight, 14
Iveth, questioning, **
Maribel, Miss. Yulyana, pansexual, **

Total Screenshots: 887

Apps Used:
Gacha Life

Iveth and Maribel don’t have the age because they are my friends in real life. Like, my real life friends. I put them in for fun. Maribel is pansexual. In my other videos I put her as “questioning” because she was and now she isn’t. Again, Iveth and Maribel are my real life friends.


OH, MY GOD, GUYS. I AM BACK. I HAD TO SCREEN RECORD THIS BECAUSE IT SAID I UPLOADED IT. HEHEHEHEHE. So, here it is. Peace ✌????. How many times do I have to upload this ????????‍♀️. Let’s hope it stays up now????.

Ight, I’m a head out :P.
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