Hacking help for US elections - 6 Minute English

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The 2020 presidential elections in the US, in which President Donald Trump faces the Democrat candidate Joe Biden, are causing a lot of controversy. In the US many votes are cast digitally and there are plans to enlist the help of hackers to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on election day. Rob and Sam discuss the initiative and teach you vocabulary along the way.

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someone who works willingly without being paid, because they want to

someone who breaks into computer systems without permission in order to find information or do something illegal

qualified to do something by having the necessary requirements

attracting a lot of attention and interest from the public, newspapers and the media

(have) the keys to the castle
(idiom) information or knowledge which gives the possessor access to power

measures that are taken to protect organisations and their computer information against crimes and attacks carried out through the internet

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