[Gwent] Witcher NR Deck Guide

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Hello everyone!

As many of you have probably seen variations of Witcher NR on ladder I thought I would make a guide on the deck.

This deck has huge burst potential and makes it a great candidate for bleeding round 2. You can often slow play then suddenly slam Witcher trio and go for a surprise 2-0 or force your opponent to overcommit in round 2 where you can very often win round 3 a card down if you have your finishers still preserved.

Carryover is also a big component of this deck where your round 1 is often used to set up carry over for those big plays in round 2/3.

Deck List:

Intro/deck discussion (0:00​)
Game 1 (9:26​)
Game 2: (19:08​)

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