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There are so many articles online claiming that rock music, especially guitar music, is dying and becoming more and more irrelevant nowadays. Thankfully, many aspiring players proved the world wrong since they took over social media with their amazing skills!

This is what also re-kindled my passion for the instrument and led me to build my own presence on Instagram and YouTube.

Aside from reaching all of you wonderful people on YouTube every month with shred guitar videos, providing online courses on , and uploading weekly lessons on Patreon, I felt like releasing music is the next logical step for me!

Ibanez guitars and Elixir strings loved and followed this project from the beginning and decided to jump on board to make the release itself as special as possible. We teamed up and put together a box set for guitarists, featuring the Elixir strings 10|46 Optiweb string set and Ibanez Jazz III grip picks! These are my preferred tools for shredding and I can't wait to share them with the world in combination with the music I worked on these last couple of years.

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