Gold Coast and Tweed 'back as one city' after a 'tough' border closure: Gold Coast Mayor

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Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says the border closure between Queensland and New South Wales was tough on border areas the Gold Coast and the Tweed, especially when “you’ve got family on the other side” and kids must cross to go to school.

Queensland on Tuesday opened its borders to everyone from New South Wales and Victoria for the first time in 250 days.

“It’s tough, especially when you’ve got family on the other side of the border, and basically kids are coming across to go to the school.

“When the border shut down, that was no longer available.

“It’s been a hard road.

“We’re back as one city again, between Tweed and the Gold Coast.

Mr Tate said border closures between Australian states should be a “part of the past” as the nation moves forward with its approach to dealing with COVID-19.
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