Ghosts Smashing Glass in My House! Haunting Caught on Camera!

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Ghosts have been throwing everything around in my house over the recent months and now they are cracking and smashing the screen on my expensive iMac with very heavy and sharp scissors. There was glass all over the floor and the screen was so cracked that it no longer works. Ghosts moving things around my house and it is caught on camera. I went to a haunted hotel and explored the basement and I was greeted by ghosts throwing rocks at me. I have become a ghost magnet and every haunt place I visit becomes very active the moment I step foo tin there. I explored a haunted house being built on haunted land near my house. I had discovered there are ghosts there and they were not happy that I was in there. The haunted dolls that I buried are digging their way out of thee ground. I was surprised at what I discovered when I went to the area I had buried the haunted dolls.

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I don't want to spend the holidays with ghosts or demons! The only Christmas present I want is a ghost free house and to be with family for the holidays.

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Ghosts throwing dishes around and haunting my house!

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