Formula Supra Firewall, Drive By Wire, and Custom Domspec fittings

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Welcome back to another Supra Sunday bois! We get down on some custom fittings for the JuddV10 at Papadakis racing, then convert the Judd to a Drive by wire throttle setup, and last but not least Dom kills it on the Firewall with a special stamp of TOYOTA approval. Hope you guys enjoy. We are starting to get to some of the more exciting stuff soon like custom carbon body, Cooling system, and what I'm most excited about the Inconel headers. Stay tuned for more. Please like and subscribe.

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Ryan Tuerck is a professional driver competing in Formula D. He is a motorsport enthusiast, including motorcross, supercross; who is more of a mechanic than a driver. Tuerck'ing cars is serious business!
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