Early May walkabout - Learning to love a plant I used to despise.

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Today we pick up the camera and do a May tour. Getting out and observing your land is critical. I would have never learned about the use of this plant had I not started doing that 4 years ago. We humans tend to really hate on stuff we don't understand. A little bit of listening, watching and an open mind can go a long way to heal those natural tendencies - whether it's just about plants, or it's something deeper like racism. Maybe take the time out of your day go learn about things that are different than you, cultures, plants, whatever.

There's a lot of hatred of this plant from grasholes around the world. Why? Because it shows up in a perfect monoculture ornamental lawn and just wants to exist also. And that's enough for us to hate it. Meanwhile, nature certainly doesn't, as I observed (yet again) today.

Other observations that are critical at this time are the bloom time on all your trees. Go see if they are lining up. Today I observe cherries and I will continue to watch them. It may mean a slight adjustment of adding a few more cherry bushes into the mix this year - if the timings aren't lining up properly.

Ditto with apples and pears and everything else which isn't self-fertile. Go out there and observe your land. You never know what lessons it will teach you. Today it reinforced a previous lesson about creeping charlie. And it went from one of my most hated plants (back in my Suburbia pre-permaculture-Keith days). Now, I wouldn't say I LOVE it, but I will say that I will certainly allow it to exist in my gardens.

It is a wonderful naturally spreading groundcover which is pumping root exudates into the soil, doesn't super vertical to shade other plants out, can be chopped and dropped if needed to build soil, and well, one other really nice benefit that is waiting at the end of this video.

Happy May, friends.
Welcome back to the food forest.


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