Dynamite Battle GOES FULL METAL! | Hidden Metal Battle Mode - Beyblade Burst DB

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Dynamite Battle Beys being able to battle with all their metal parts exposed is so crazy ????. Wonder if Takara Tomy has something planned for later in the season that may take advantage of something like metal Beys would be sick to see! Give this a try yourself and let us know what you think. Keep in mind that this will definitely wear down your Discs and Armor pieces quite a bit. Discs were designed to not make much contact with opponents in the first place, so there's going to be some wear and tear on that you may not be used to seeing. Battling with these DB Beys really makes them look so small. Feels like we're legit going backwards in design LOL.

Big shoutout to Soma Kruz on Reddit for showcasing this way of putting together your DB Beys. This definitely needs more attention and everyone should give this a try for even just a little bit! You can find their original post here:

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