||Darling trend||~short backstory~Ft.luna and her family~Alpha tea TwT

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Ok so this is only a short video of lunas backstory i wanted to give you guys an idea of what it was about✨????????

Lunas backstory:
As you see lunas parents are the protectors of the sun ☀️ and the moon ????,they later fell inlove but people couldn’t accept it, they didn’t think the sun and the moon should be together. Soon queen moonlight had a baby which was hers and king sun, they named her luna after some time they had another child named eclipse they were it all ended in a second. People came and started to attack their they had to send their kids away ,people were trying to kill them and ruin their family so they had no they got separated and king sun trapped his loved one in the moon for her own took the king away and looked him to rot. Till this day luna has not heard of her long lost brother nor her she truly hurts but she was axel to cheer her up
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King sun
Queen moonlight
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