Dance Gavin Dance - Awkward (Tree City Sessions 2)

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Dance Gavin Dance's "Awkward" comes from their new album 'Tree City Sessions 2' - Out now! Buy/stream at

I've got style
I work harder than anyone
And I can do it while I'm having fun
Yeah I’m a get, I’m a get, I’m a get get better
I want to be
I want to be somebody
I’m gonna be somebody, I'm gonna be somebody

Now, now, slow your roll
Keep your head low
Your life is a joke
Don't make this awkward

Lay back in the fold
Can't make it alone
You're too fucking old
Don't make this awkward

Now and then, I get a little bit full of myself
And start dreaming, I can't help it
But you're a friend
You keep my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds
Show me how to doubt myself

And who knows where I'd be without you

Cry, mine is mine,
I clamp my head in the crease
Of a familiar smell, I think the tree is a thief
I’m fryin everything that incubates and ever was
Simmer fifteen rips, before I croak and die

I flipped that maggot out
I sniffed that dragon’s brow
I say I’m feelin when everyone is on my side
We think we’re relevant hey, we think we’re being admired

It’s slipping into this
All of you, all the heads, inside the hole of cause

We’re getting intimate
It’s a flu, in a vein
How do we disconnect from the arm

Am I a fool not to run?
Your nicotine in my lungs
How can I trust anyone but you?

The belief is a burden and a crop
Now the dream is only a memory

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