Collegedunia Connect Season 1 Ch 2 || Education Institutes Striving Towards Digital Transformation

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Education is an exciting place to be right now. While technology has disrupted the status quo of higher education, this disruption sets the stage for great growth and positive change throughout the field.
1) Mr Rohit Rana (Moderator), Vice Chairman, St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management
2) Mr Manish Dalmia, Director, Marketing at NMIMS
3) Dr Pankaj Sharma, Director of Admissions and Outreach, SRM University, Delhi-NCR Sonepat
4) Mr. Joyanto Mukherjee, Director - External Affairs, Jagran Lakecity University
5) Prof. Dr. Sujoy biswas, CEO, Techno India University

New technology is already transforming everything from the way we communicate to the world economy. Technology use in universities isn’t limited to the classroom. Now, tech is pervading every aspect of higher learning. Digital medium provides a more personal touch to marketing; prospective students can ask questions and receive answers from an admissions rep almost immediately.
Digital technology is at the forefront of this movement, providing a sense of experimentation and opportunity for growth.
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