Coffee - Themed Tree House + House Speed Build ☕️ (PART 3) Roblox Adopt Me

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lavender_builds is typing. . .
hey everyone! welcome to my channel! today I built a modern and simple coffee - themed house! ☕!If you enjoyed this video, pls subscribe, it would mean a lot! until next time. . .take care!♡
✧ house used: tree house
✧ total spent: $1723 ☕
✧ all creations are designed by me unless stated otherwise

✧ i do not own any of these songs
- credit goes to LuKremBo :]

✧ but i do own all of these clips ♡

✧ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ no one

♡Q&A ☕

Q: can you help build my home?
A: sorry i can't currently, since I've been busy making YouTube videos and grinding for money to use for my next videos. as much as i would love to help you all, it wouldn't be fair if i chose specific people over others, i hope you all understand! ♡

Q: can i add you?
A: currently i'm not accepting friends request because there's a 200 limit to the list and it won't be fair to everyone if I accept some over others. I may or may not be accepting friend requests for a "giveaway" in the future! Hope you guys understand!♡

Q: can i copy your build?
A: of course you can, that's what i make these videos for! just make sure you give credit when asked♡ it's important to not claim things as your own because we should always appreciate the hard work people put into creating stuff!

Q: what do you use to edit and record your videos?
A: currently i use iMovie to edit my videos and pic-maker to make my thumbnails! :D

Q: why is your name on YouTube?
A: I love the color lavender and I also love to build in adopt me so I just combined the names together! Originally I was going to name my name as "Lavender Butterfly" since I love butterflies with the color lavender! :D
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