❌ Cheating Pain ❌ || GLMM || Gacha Life Mini Movie || Original?

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I'm extremely sorry If this video didn't made sense at all or have mistakes! At least I've tried my best ????

Finally I'm done with this! This GLMM took me way too much time ???? I'm so sorry for not putting some efforts, I will put efforts on new GLMM, Hopefully but I will upload Part 2 of Who Said Ms Popular Can't Fall in Love, In that video there were so many errors and I didn't exported it so I'm fixing the problem and I will upload It I promise! I'm so sorry for inactivity too my internet is gone now I am back, I will upload more videos now Subscribe if you want to see them! Bye. Thank you for understanding and for your patience
I love you all ❤

Music doesn't belong to me, all credits to their rightful owners
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