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I hope you subscribe to my new YouTube Channel BC Shorts where I upload my favorite moments in videos under one minute!

When I pose as a statue in public the results are hilarious! Join me on my adventure as I make the World a little less predictable and a lot more fun!

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Frequently asked questions:

I live in Arizona and perform in the beautiful city of Scottsdale. Nicknamed the West's most Western town, Old town Scottsdale is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The art and architecture recreate the ambiance of the old West. Which is why I chose a cowboy as my character! I blend right in.

Attempting to pose in public as a bronze statue is not easy. The last thing I want is to appear like a person who thinks they look like a statue. I've seen 'living statues before and I wasn't fooled and I think I can't be fooled. In fact, I'll bet whoever is reading this doesn't think they could be fooled either.
That is what everyone in my videos said before meeting me.

I first tried this just to see if it was even possible.
THIS IS NOT A 'PRANK" Scaring people is not my intention. I am not out to invade people's 'space', shout or yell 'boo!' at people who are minding their own business. (unless I am bored) I prefer to be called amazing, not #$#&!!. Many more people pass by oblivious, to my presence.
I just sit and mind my own business. I believe using this unique approach is why I am welcomed and supported by the city.

Have I ever upset anyone?
I have never had a negative reaction, well once.

I've never been intentionally hit, or been bitten by a dog. No heart attacks. Using my approach, I am not to blame if someone mistakes me for a statue. It's not my fault.

Besides, everyone is too busy laughing.

I make a one in a million moment possible and who the lucky person is totally at random.

Timing is not up to me most of the time. Most people touch me as they sit and realize something is up before the right time. Each person is different and I try to wait for the right time to reveal myself. Sometimes they get away before I make my move.

I am sorry for the quality of the video. Filming was an after thought and my lack of experience shows. Also, the way I concealed my camera interfered with the sound and picture. I have spent money on a new camera and it was problematic and ultimately stopped I have used an old Canon that has never failed me. I can sacrifice the quality if it means confidence that I'm capturing the moment with a camera that is reliable.

My costume is just old clothes and A LOT of paint. Metallic Bronze paint. Nothing special. For make up I use black eyeliner for a base and metallic creme makeup. I create texture using a small screen.
It takes under an hour to be ready to go. Removing the makeup using soap and water is what takes hours.

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