BEST OF DECEMBER 2020 | Chapo Trap House

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Ok, we're doing monthly best-of compilations here now. Here's our Best of for December 2020. Let us know what should go in the January comp in the comments.

0:00 from 477 "Celestial Vision"
7:29 from 478 "World Tree Center"
17:27 from 479 "Malibu Kelly's Dream House"
23:32 from 480 "Dr. Jill, Medicine Woman"
35:57 from 481 "Another End is Possible"
42:33 from 482 "War is Over, Troops are Staying"
51:28 from 483 "Try Hard"
01:02:07 from 484 "Girls on Film"
01:12:15 from 485 "Hellyear in Review"

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