BABY KiNKAJOU mystery PET!! Exploring a new indoor Aquarium Attraction! Kids play with zoo animals!

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Mom takes Adley and Niko on a fun family field trip!


Best Aquarium Day Ever 1064

Do you know the only thing more cute than our new pet guinea pig Honey? When Adley and Jenny play with Honey!! We start the day off with the girls showing Honey our Paw Patrol tower and she really likes it. Adley want's to put her on the elevator, but that's probably not the best idea!!

Anyway, I'm at the Spacestation having all sorts of recaps of 2019 and making goals for 2020 and the family is kinda board. So Aldey and Jenny have the plan of going to the aquarium!!

They see turtles and fish, birds and alligators, sharks and a lot of mystery pets that we've never seen before!! Jenny and Adley go into an encounter where they feed a baby Kinkajou! It's super cute and friendly. Niko comes in and isn't really sure what he thinks about it, especially when it climbs on his head!! They end the day feeding and petting stingrays!

After they family gets home, Jenny and I head back to the Spacestation cause their is a surprise birthday happening and we are going to take our over our gift. And to make it even more fun, we get in SSG astronaut suits!

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