Andy Timmons Grabbed Steve Vai's Guitar From Him mid-Song | Guitar Villains

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Welcome to Guitar Villains! Today's guest is the unmistakable Andy Timmons.
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00:00 - Introduction
1:45 - Andy grabbed Steve Vai’s guitar from him?!
6:25 - Advice for nerves playing in front of crowds or family and friends
13:34 - The epiphany of blending jazz with rock
18:02 - Andy’s supervillain alter-ego
19:55 - Burning Questions
21:57 - Name Those Notes
25:00 - Andy’s perfect guitar tone
28:05 - A bending lesson from the best bender in the business
40:50 - Andy live streams gigs every Saturday
47:03 - What makes a great guitar teacher?
57:25 - Andy’s supervillain advice

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