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Rahman is the most legendary singer, music composer, songwriter, and record producer in India today. In 2009, for his Slumdog Millionaire score, A. R. Rahman won the Broadcast Film Association Award, two Golden Globe awards, the BAFTA award, and two Oscar (Academy) awards. In 2010, AR Rahman also won a Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian award for his tremendous work in the music industry.

We have all listened to Kun Faya Kun on those hard days and Rockstar’s entire album. We always go back to Guru’s soulful music. We sing along with a 22-year-old song like Dil Se Re to date and feel proud of a song like Jai ho which got an Indian music composer an oscar. All thanks to this legend, Mr. Rahman.

It was an honour to talk to him about his passion for music, how he created a song like Kun Faya Kun, his journey in the west, and much more only on The Ranveer Show.

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0:00- Introduction
1:22- Purpose of his life
2:34- Did he deliberately chose the path of creation?
4:19- The concept of Sufism
6:43- How he’s still evolving
9:14- Is he gifted with creativity?
11:39- How ego is a distraction
10:56- Did he wrestle with his own ego?
12:24- What would he tell his 20/30-year-old self
13:49- Looking back at his past & introspecting
15:58- What ties our culture together?
17:39- Learnings from the west
18:40- Does he think far ahead for himself?
19:42- Why going back to the movies now?
22:48- How Kun Faya Kun was created
28:07- His thoughts on the future of the Indian music industry
30:18- His advice for the future generation
30:40- What does meditation mean to him
32:42- A day in the life of Rahman
34:16- His activities apart from music
35:57- His learnings from suffering & deaths
36:41- Leaving behind a legacy after death
37:40- Advice for the young musicians
39:00- Fan questions with Rahman
39:08- Views on song remakes
40:17- His most favorite song
40:38- How he created his identity
41:24- Future of non-commercial music
42:14- How he deals with negative opinions
42:42- Does he take any pressure?
43:20- His view on god

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