21 Great Witcher 3 Mods For Returning Players

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If you've suddenly found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, watching the Witcher on Netflix, maybe reading through the books and thinking about going back to Novigrad, Velen and Toussaint for another go at the world of the Witcher: Why not do it the right way, on PC, modded to an unholy degree? That's what I did, and lemme tell you, it was worth the effort, baybeee! Here are my 21 favorite smooth-sailing mods for making The WItcher 3 look and feel like a dang remaster.

Links to check out these mods:

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

Mod Credit - HalkHogan
HD Monsters Reworked

Mod Credit - Denroth
Smooth Grass

Mod Credit - Maidenfan724

Mod Credit - ramccoid
Ultra Gore

Mod Credit - YoseppyArmineppy
Fast Travel From Anywhere

Mod Credit - JupiterTheGod
Over 9000 - Weight Limit Mod

Mod Credit - GlecuMan
More Money For Traders

Mod Credit - Tommy1984
More Money For Traders

Mod Credit - Tommy1984
2x Quest Reward Money

Mod Credit - uglydemon
More Xp -

Mod Credit - Tahira
Auto Loot

Mod Credit - JupiterTheGod
Auto Apply Oils

Mod Credit - SheepDarklord
Infinite Roach Stamina

Mod Credit - Zur13
Galloping in Settlements

Mod Credit - JupiterTheGod
Increased Creature Loot

Mod Credit - mindkiller316
Indestructible Items

Mod Credit - Wask
No Fall Damage

Mod Credit - Wask
Friendly Wolves

Mod Credit - Apomorph
Jump in Shallow Water

Mod Credit - Zhior
Auto-Win Gwent

Mod Credit - kucingkucing
The Gwent Card Dealer

Mod Credit - mangekyoumadara1987
Henry Cavill Skin For Geralt

Mod Credit - Adnan4444

Mod Credit - Jatodude1
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