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Marketing Retail Sales Department of the Standard Oil Company of California, Western Operations Inc, presents, “Make Mine Service”. This is a color film which starts out at a standard 1950’s style service station, :45. Logos for Standard Station and Chevron Dealer are shown, :51. Bob and Dave’s service station is shown, 1:24. Pat Ivins service station is shown, 1:48. Chevron Supreme and Chevron gasoline service pumps, 2:45. RPM Supreme Motor Oil, 2:50, Atlas Tires and batteries, 2:55. Credit card customers are mentioned and credit card machine at the pump is shown, 3:11. “We take better care of your car” advertising billboard, 3:19. Re-enactment on proper service station attendant behavior, 4:30. 7-Step Pump Block Procedure for Service, 7:20. The pump block - Greeting, Gas Sale, Under hood Service, Windshield Service, Air Service, Collection, Thanks and Come again, 8:20. Chevron training courses, 9;00. Cadets practice the service details in the pump block service system, 10:23. The 2-man service approach allows the first man to attend to the customer and the core services and the second man attends to the plus services, 17:30. Chevron dealer drives his customer home so he can better service the customers car, 18:50. Narrator talks directly to the Chevron “consignee” and asks why he is taking such good care of the customer’s car”, 19:48. Selling confidence is the best sale you can make at the pump, 21:28. Free services often result in additional sales with no price quibbling, 2:05. Providing the “extra little services” at no cost very often turns into a valuable relationship with a confident customer, 23:47. Keeping customers waiting is a sure way to lose him, 24:50. Managers, trainers and consignees need to work together to constantly improve service standards, 26:02. Battery sales was tripled by providing free battery checking service, 26:10. Believe in your product and it will sell itself, 28:00. This film was made by Frank Strayer Productions, 29:02, Hollywood.

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