10 Things I Wish I Knew LEARNING SIDE JUMPS! (Beginner to Advanced)

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In this video: This is the best side jump video and probably the only side jump video that you will ever need. This is an ultimate side jump tutorial video that will teach beginners and more advanced players the tips and tricks to master any side jump in fortnite. These are all the advanced tips and tricks I wish I knew when trying to learn how to do side jumps. I even show the best tips for learning how to double side jump and I showed some side jumps that the pros do in their retakes as well. Some even include Faze Sways side jumps that he uses all the time in his build battles. Here are the 10 things I wish I knew learning how to side jump in fortnite battle royale.

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Intro (0:00)
Tip 1 (0:51)
Tip 2 (1:32)
Tip 3 (1:55)
Tip 4 (2:26)
Tip 5 (2:59)
Tip 6 (3:20)
Tip 7 (4:08)
Tip 8 (4:34)
Tip 9 (5:31)
Tip 10 (6:24)
Side Jump 1 & 2 (7:41)
Side Jump 3 (7:58)
Side Jump 4 & 5 (8:15)
Hardest Side Jump (8:55)
Outro (9:40)
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